Vinko Möderndorfer in Berlin, February 27, 2017

23. 2. 2017

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On Monday, February 27, 2017, at 9 am in the Grundschule am Kollwitzplatz school in Berlin Vinko Möderndorfer will represent a new translation of the youth novel As in the Movie (Wie im Film), which was translated into German by Tadeja Lackner-Naberžnik and published as part of the Slovene Writers’ Association’s Litterae Slovenicae series. The event will be attended by fifth-grade students who have read the German version of the book.

The Translation of Möderndorfer’s novel was made as part of a translation project, called Small Literatures in Major Languages, which is supported by the European Commission through the Creative Europe programme and by the Slovenian Book Agency. The project has already seen the French translation of the novel Dry Season by Gabriela Babnik, a German translation of the novel Bodies in Darkness by Davorin Lenko and selected poems by Josip Murn, which were published in English under the title Lonesome Poplar Tree: Selected Poems. The Litterae Slovenicae Edition successfully fills, with new translations, a gap in the translation part of the Slovenian literary space and promotes Slovenian literature in larger languages, where it is still underrepresented and still has a low profile.


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