The Little Mill: A Children’s Book Now Available in English

11. 5. 2023

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Introducing “The Little Mill”: A Charming Children’s Book from Slovenia, Now Available in English Translation



Litteræ Slovenicæ is proud to announce the release of “The Little Mill”, a delightful children’s book originally written in Slovene by Anja Štefan and beautifully illustrated by Marjanca Jemec Božič. Translated into English by Rawley Grau, this enchanting collection of bedtime stories is now accessible to young readers worldwide.


“The Little Mill” (originally published in 1999 as “Melje, melje mlinček”) takes children on a captivating journey through seven endearing tales. The book received the prestigious “Levstikova nagrada” award in 2001, solidifying its reputation as a beloved work of children’s literature.


The stories, carefully crafted with a touch of magic, showcase the animals’ appreciation for life’s simple joys. While imparting clear morals, such as the importance of contentment, “The Little Mill” goes beyond the realm of traditional fables. Anja Štefan’s language demonstrates an exceptional aesthetic quality, creating a unique reading experience for children and adults alike.


Renowned translator Rawley Grau skillfully captures the essence of the original text in his English rendition, enabling a wider audience to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “The Little Mill.” Grau’s translation preserves the charm and beauty of the stories, ensuring that the book retains its cultural authenticity while becoming accessible to English-speaking readers.


With Marjanca Jemec Božič‘s enchanting illustrations, “The Little Mill” comes to life on the pages, captivating young imaginations and complementing the whimsical storytelling. Božič’s artistic vision adds depth and visual appeal to each story, making it a truly immersive reading experience.


Here a sneak preview of some book pages:

“The Little Mill” is now available for purchase at Don’t miss this opportunity to introduce your child to a world of wonder, friendship, and valuable life lessons. Join the beloved characters on their extraordinary adventures and create cherished memories with “The Little Mill”.