Exquisite Foreign Rights Catalogue for Litterae Slovenicae

31. 8. 2023

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Ljubljana, 31. August 2023 – The Slovene Writers’ Association is thrilled to announce the release of its highly anticipated Foreign Rights Catalogue for the esteemed book series, “Litterae Slovenicae.” This meticulously curated collection showcases a diverse range of literary works from some of Slovenia’s most renowned authors, inviting international publishers and readers to explore the richness of Slovenian literature.



The “Litterae Slovenicae” series has long been celebrated for its exceptional contributions to the world of literature, and this Foreign Rights Catalogue stands as a testament to the Association’s commitment to promoting Slovenian voices on a global stage. This collection encompasses a remarkable array of genres, styles, and themes, promising to captivate readers from all corners of the globe.


Highlighted Authors and Their Works:

  1. Jedrt Maležič presents “Mentales pesados” (Heavy Mentals) – A thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche, offering readers a captivating journey into the complexities of the mind.
  2. Gašper Kralj introduces “Ablaufdatum” (Expiry Date) – This translation delves into the concept of time and its impact on human existence, weaving a compelling narrative that transcends cultural boundaries.
  3. Lidija Dimkovska brings forth “Reserveleben” (A Spare Life) – Through the translation, readers will experience a poignant tale of resilience and the power of human connections, set against the backdrop of a tumultuous era.
  4. Nataša Konc Lorenzutti shares “Coffee by the Fragrant Jasmine” – The romantic emotions portrayed in the tale of the protagonist Jasmine, who struggles to truly live and breathe without becoming ensnared, represent the very sentiments that humans often employ to dismantle their own lives.
  5. Esad Babačić presents “Machine, Do You Know Your Duty?” – This translated work skillfully questions forgotten truths and sparks a peculiar joy in readers through authentic and honest prose, exploring sports, urban life, and memories.
  6. Uroš Zupan navigates “Slow Sailing” – “Slow Sailing” presents the author’s own selection of the best of his best. This collection, which covers a period of more than two dozen years, is both personal and stern, since the author deals with his own poetry.
  7. Tone Škrjanec offers “Haut” (Skin) – The poetry collection “Haut” (Skin) is fully and wholly integrated into his oeuvre, with its free verse, slow, reflective rhythms, collage technique, sensitivity to the tiniest beings and details, and its overtly sensual language.
  8. Anja Štefan presents “The Little Mill” – “The Little Mill”, illustrated by Marjanca Jemec Božič, is a collection of seven bedtime stories for young children. The stories are short and written in a special folk tradition.


The Foreign Rights Catalogue serves as an open invitation to publishers and readers worldwide, encouraging them to embark on a literary journey through the intricacies of Slovenian culture and expression. By fostering cross-cultural connections and facilitating the dissemination of these remarkable works, the Slovene Writers’ Association aims to enrich the global literary landscape.


Foreign Rights Catalogue for Litterae Slovenicae (download) 


For inquiries regarding rights availability, translations, and other details, please contact:


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For more information, visit https://litteraeslovenicae.si/.


Discover the captivating narratives of “Litterae Slovenicae” and immerse yourself in the world of Slovenian literature like never before.


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The Slovene Writers’ Association is a distinguished literary organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting Slovenian literature. With a legacy spanning decades, the Association is committed to celebrating the art of writing, fostering literary talent, and facilitating the exchange of ideas on both national and international platforms. “Litterae Slovenicae” is a testament to the Association’s dedication to showcasing the richness and depth of Slovenian literary expression.