Litteræ Slovenicæ in new images and languages

23. 11. 2021

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The established book collection Litteræ Slovenicæ of the Slovenian Writers’ Association will be richer in 2021 with four new books and a new design. In the light of the presentation at Frankfurt 2023, three books were published in German translation – Liza Linde and Jens Sakelšek translated the cult Aus der Rumpelkammer (Ropotarna) from Peter Svetina into German with some new illustrations by Damijan Stepančič, Ann Catrin Bolton translated the poetry collection Haut (Koža) from Tone Škrjanec and Alexander Sitzmann with EU-awarded novel Reserveleben (Rezervni život) from Lidija Dimkovska. The only Spanish edition among the novelties brings the short stories Mentales pesados (Težkomentalci) from Jedrt Lapuh Maležič translated by Marjeta Drobnič. The moderator Breda Biščak talked to editors Tanja Petrič and Tina Kozin, translator Liza Linda and author Lidija Dimkovska about new translations, translation and editorial dilemmas and the ten-year “balance” of the collection.



Online broadcast: Wednesday, November 24, 2021 – link to the literary event at the Writers’ Stage 2021


In 2021, the following titles were published in translation

Peter Svetina: Aus der Rumpelkammer

Translation: Liza Linde, Jens Sakelšek




Jedrt Lapuh Maležič: Mentales pesados

Translation: Marjeta Drobnič




Lidija Dimkovska: Reseveleben

Translation: Alexander Sitzmann




Tone Škrjanec: Haut

Translation: Ann Catrin Bolton