Jana Putrle Srdić and Kristina Hočevar in Berlin

10. 10. 2018

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The Slovene Writers’ Association in cooperation with Periskop (an association that links Slovenia and Germany) is hosting two Slovene authors in Berlin. Here, the poetry tandem Kristina Hočevar and Jana Putrle Srdić will be presented to the German public.


The poets will appear on 20 October, 2018, at 8pm in the Helmuth Pohren-Hartmann salon (Brünnhildestraße 3).


The two poets will present translations of their works, which were published within the Litterae Slovenicae series.


Kristina Hočevar will present a translation of her poetry collection Na zobeh aluminij, na ustnicah kreda (Auf den Zähnen Aluminium, auf den Lippen Kreide / Aluminium on Teeth, Chalk on Lips), which was published last year. Ann Catrin Bolton translated the poems into German. The new poetry collection by Jane Putrle Srdić To noč bodo hrošči prilezli iz zemlje (Diese Nacht kommen Käfer aus der Erde gekrochen / The Night the Beetles Come out of the Ground) is hot off the press. Daniela Kocmut translated the poems into German verse.


The literary readings and conversations with the authors will be led by the translator, cultural worker and member of the Periskop association Alenka Kreft. The discussion, which will be in Slovenian, will be translated into German by Barbara Anderlič; selected poems by each of the poets will be interpreted in German.